Prayer Focus 13/05/2018 - 19/05/2018


May 13—Croatia

  • Many Croatian believers lack the biblical understanding of spiritual conflict, Satan and the spiritual weapons God has made available to the Church, as well as the topic of curses and demons. Pray that Derek´s teachings will help them learn what the Bible has to say about these subjects.
  • Pray for true unity in the Body of Christ among many denominations in Croatia.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • The Facebook Page is gaining more and more subscribers. People enjoy watching short video teaching clips, resulting in increased interest for Derek´s books in the Croatian language.


May 14—Cambodia

  • Derek’s radio programs are now airing in the Khmer language and are also available on the DPM–Cambodia App. Pray for many to hear them, come to salvation and grow in God’s Word.
  • The book What’s So Important About the Cross? in Khmer was given to all 100 prisoners at Ratanakiri Prison. Pray for many to come to salvation through its teaching and for many of the inmates to also read the other Derek Prince books now in the prison library.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • A married couple from New Zealand visited here for several weeks in February. They taught, prayed for and encouraged Christians in their walk with the Lord. They also shared from Derek’s material at pastors’ conferences and a Bible college and distributed Derek’s Khmer books (including at a prison). Subjects taught were What’s So Important About the Cross?, God’s Medicine Bottle, and Praying for the Government. Everyone was extremely grateful to receive the teaching and the books.


May 15—India

  • Pray that the Bible college students who all receive a pack of Derek’s books at graduation will grow in understanding God’s Word and train many others with the teaching.
  • Pray that Directors Elsie and Danny will have continued guidance and anointing from the Lord to walk in the path He has planned, as well as good health and protection.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Danny and Elsie had a successful ministry trip to the Andaman Islands in February with DPM–New Zealand Trustee, Alan, and his wife, Lynda. They taught on The Divine Exchange and Blessings and Curses and distributed books. Many people testified they were overjoyed with the teaching and that, for the first time, someone had come to the islands to teach God’s Word and not just to preach a “little word.”


May 16—East Africa

  • Swahili translation work is progressing on Derek’s book, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. Pray for the Lord’s protection and wisdom for those who are involved, as this topic is extremely relevant in this region.


May 17—Czech Republic

  • Pray for the Lord’s mercy and healing for this politically divided country and that Christians will be united to focus on the things of God and His purposes.
  • Pray for converts from a rapidly growing cult who are eagerly reading Foundations for Christian Living to see Truth as a person and not as an argument.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Five new believers were recently baptized in water.
  • There is a hunger in people’s hearts when they study the Bible with us using Derek’s books.
  • Former cult members who contacted us are hungry for more sound teaching after meeting Jesus!


May 18—France

  • The book, Spiritual Warfare for the End Times, has just been released, and 500 copies will go to different French-speaking countries. Pray that it will greatly bless and equip all who read it.
  • Pray that God will open doors for sharing Derek’s teaching with the Charismatic Roman Catholic movement, Alpha Course ministry and prison ministries.
  • Pray also that opportunities will come to represent DPM at significant Christian conferences and meetings that would be held in the nation.


May 19—Turkey

  • The DPM team in Turkey faces a lot of control from the government that legislates Christian literature, events and ministries. Pray that God would give them guidance, wisdom and protection in all they do.