May 31—Angola

  • Pray for our outreach to Angola, as distribution of materials is a continuous challenge.


  • A pastor in Angola who was in great need reached out for help and was put in touch with a DPM–South Africa ministry partner who later wrote:

“Good news—I had prayer over the phone and God set Pastor J free in a mighty way. He testified that he was slung onto the floor and his phone flung from his hands! The demons screamed loudly and came out of him and he was set free! I sent him two MP3 teachings in French and English to build him up and will follow-up with him.”


June 1—International

Continue to pray for the staff members of all DPM offices worldwide to walk in God’s provision, protection and good health and will accomplish all God’s plans for the remainder of this year.


June 2—New Zealand

  • Pray for the prisoners who received Derek’s books late last year to be blessed and encouraged and come into a deeper walk with the Lord.
  • Pray also for an increase in the number of prisons who would accept Derek’s books for distribution to prisoners.


June 3—Japan

  • Pray for many people to visit the dual-language Japanese/English website ( and be blessed by the many free resources found there.


June 4—Cambodia

  • Pray for God’s guidance and inspiration in how to continue to support churches that the Cambodia team has previously visited, including ministry to pastors and youth.

Outreach Story

  • A pastor training seminar was held at Oddar Meanchey Province (nine hours from Phnom Penh) in late February for 30–40 local pastors. Derek’s books, Self-Study Bible Course, Spiritual Warfare, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing and What’s So Important About the Cross? were distributed. An outreach for 100 youth was also held.


June 5—Nepal

  • Pray for the proposed reprinting of a number of Derek’s Nepali books to go smoothly and that Derek’s Bible teaching will continue to equip and empower all who read and use it.
  • Pray for finances to cover this urgent reprinting need in Nepal.


June 6—China

Two new print orders are being distributed. This is made difficult by new restrictions on the Church and the partial shutdown due to the coronavirus. Pray that these precious books carrying truths from God's Word will reach many to bring them encouragement and build up their faith and hope.