August 15, Accessing God’s Total Provision

In order to stand perfect and complete in the fullness of God’s will, a Christian must avail himself of all that God has provided for him through Christ. He cannot omit any part of God’s total provision and expect that...

August 14, Doing the Will of God

Why are we here on earth? It is not to do our own will, but rather to do the will of Christ, who commissioned us. Paul wrote in Colossians 1:9...

August 13, The Meaning of Perfect

The word perfect frightens some people. They have the impression that being perfect means that you never do anything wrong, you never say anything wrong, you never make any mistakes.

August 12, Access by the Spirit

We have no more access to God than we have by the Holy Spirit because there is a principle in the Godhead. The One who is sent as the representative must be honored if one is to have access to the Godhead. So...

August 11, One Way for Liberty

It is a vital fact that the Holy Spirit is a person. Not only is He a person, but He is Lord, just as much as God the Father is Lord and God the Son is Lord.

August 10, Bringing Us to the Father

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). We often quote that Scripture; it is a favorite evangelistic text. However, we rarely stop to consider its full implication.

August 09, We Are Family

In the New Testament, God’s people are very seldom referred to by the title Christians, or even believers. The most common title used is brothers, emphasizing membership in one spiritual family.

July 29, Obeying God under Grace

What is the difference between obeying God under the law and obeying God under grace? The ultimate purpose of both is obedience to God, but this obedience is accomplished in different ways.